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This is our landing page for family trips, WanderHubs and itineraries that we will be hosting over the year ahead. Family travel is hugely rewarding and a fantastic opportunity to create lasting memories together but sometimes sharing those experiences with other like minded families can really enhance a destination.

Let’s face it , planning amazing adventures or worldschooling takes a lot of time and effort and planning fatigue is real (trust me we have been there) We invite you to join us on our journey and take the pressure off yourself for a while, allowing you focus on your time together.


**We have no more hubs confirmed at the moment for the rest of 2024 but watch this space as we finalise our travel plans for the rest of the year and into 2025.

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Marrakech family travel hub



A 5 day itinerary for travelling families to explore Marrakech, Morocco, with us.

Come join the fun amongst the vibrant colours and rich culture of this enchanting city. From bustling souks to majestic palaces, Marrakech offers an unforgettable blend of history, tradition, and excitement. From artisan workshops in the bustling Medina, historical tours, foodie fun, playdates and more this promises to be a fab five days together.

We’ve handpicked the top FREE and low-cost activities to showcase Marrakech with activities centred around nature, creativity, cultured being active. The flexible itinerary leaves room to unwind, bond with other families, and customise with spur-of-the-moment ideas.

**minimum of 3 families needed

Budapest family travel hub



Join us for an activity packed gathering for travelling families to explore Budapest, Hungary

Experience the magic of Budapest with us! From the grandeur of historic castles to the charm of cozy cafes along the Danube, Budapest is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Let’s Wander through the charming streets of Buda, relax in the healing waters of the iconic thermal bath and Indulge in delicious Hungarian cuisine. With something for everyone in the family, Budapest is a fab family destination

We’ve handpicked the top FREE and low-cost activities to showcase Budapestwith activities centred around nature, creativity, cultured being active. The flexible itinerary leaves room to unwind, bond with other families, and customise with spur-of-the-moment ideas

**minimum of 3 families needed

Any Questions – Just drop us an email here

What is a WanderHub?

The  name “WanderHub” is our idea of a dynamic community where families gather to explore, share experiences, and foster connections. The WanderHub is not only a place for exciting adventures but also a place where like-minded families can come together, form lasting friendships, and support each other in their journeys.

They are inspired by the many awesome Worldschool Hubs we have attended , but come in a mini 5-7 day form.

Our meet-ups offer tailor made itineraries, thoughtfully crafted with daily schedules that foster a sense of community and exploration among families. We take care of all the planning; all you need to do is show up and engage at your own pace.

We know just how much goes into family travel planning, so being able to take your foot off the gas, sit back and enjoy a week of ready made adventure is just what you and the kids need. 

In our WanderHub Itineraries, we aim to have 1-3 activities daily, drawing from a bank of Active, Creative, and Nature based activities with opportunities to immerse ourselves in local culture. We aim for ‘busy but not overwhelming’ and most importantly, fostering opportunities to connect with fellow families. 

Our itineraries are designed to offer flexibility, ensuring there’s no pressure to attend every event. Instead, families can choose to be ‘all in’ or just the activities that resonate most with them. Moreover, the group is encouraged to add some spontaneity to the schedule, like impromptu games night, pool party, or a coffee and cake break.

This is a social event and we want to encourage families to embrace the opportunity to meet new people, both kids and adults! 

A wanderHub is a place to meet, have fun and share experiences of unique destinations.
A wanderHub is a place to meet, have fun and share experiences of unique destinations.

Welcome to our travel community

Why we created the WanderHub?

Throughout our journey, we’ve come to realise that connecting with others and sharing experiences with like-minded families is one of the most enriching ways to enhance your family adventures.

Family travel brings you closer together like no other experience but it also highlights a need for community, social time and the opportunity to share experiences.

Our mission is to create a community for families who are passionate about travelling, learning, and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals. Whether you are just starting your journey or are seasoned travellers, our itineraries are designed to create meaningful connections and unforgettable adventures for families around the world.

Our Upcoming WanderHubs

Welcome to our WanderHub


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How do the WanderHubs work?

The WanderHub can best be described as a small community of families, who come together through a love of travel; to meet, learn, share,  play, and discover in a rewarding destination.

  • We plan unique itineraries with engaging activities for all the family and share the dates and details here.
  • You choose a Wanderhub that best suits you.
  • You complete the registration form and make payment online.
  • YAY. Welcome to the Wanderhub! We will confirm your purchase and send you a Welcome Email with the next steps.
  • You have the freedom to choose your accommodation, transportation, and level of engagement with the suggested activities. 
  • Prior to the event you will be invited to the private WanderHub WhatsApp group with all group itineraries, group details and instructions.
  • WOOHOO! We all meet up and have a great time.

How do you choose the activities?

The activities reflect our own interests and priorities and are hand picked to offer a rewarding experience for all. We choose activities from our main ‘travel pillars’ of being active, embracing nature, being creative and immersing ourselves in local culture.  However, the key to these meet-ups lies in creating connections among travelling families and the activities are a great vehicle to enable this sense of community.

  • Our WanderHubs are the perfect platform to connect with like-minded families while exploring the world together. 
  • We have created action packed itineraries for you to join to experience a new destination all whilst developing new friendships. Just show up and get involved.
  • These itineraries are designed to expose you to the best of the destination with a focus on local culture, group activities, and nature. You are free to join in with as many activities as you like, there is full flexibility allowing you to choose the best things for your family. 

What IS included?

When you purchase a WanderHub you will get access to the itinerary, packed full of family friendly activities for families.

All research has been done for you ensuring that when you arrive to your new destination, you can sit back and relax knowing you have an amazing week planned.

Your fees also cover the cost of having a host with you, that’s us! We are a full time travelling family and work hard to co-ordinate activities, find resources, and answer any questions you may have.

We provide private communication groups that facilitate chatting, locating the group, receiving schedule reminders, and sharing photos and videos.

However, the biggest win lies in the guaranteed opportunity to meet other families who share your adventurous spirit. Your children will find playmates to share their experiences, while you’ll discover kindred souls among the adults, forming deep connections and hopefully a lifelong friendship along the way

At the core of our mission is the desire to help you and the kids build a diverse social circle, creating a global community of friends that transcends borders and enriches your travel journey.

Any Questions – Just drop us an email here


Each family has their own needs and requirements when it comes to finding a place to stay and this allows you to choose the accommodation which is most suitable. We are happy to suggest areas and resources to help you find a place.


Whilst we can offer advice on getting to and around the destination and activities, you must co-ordinate your own transport. 


Whilst there is ample opportunity to arrange meal meet-ups, this is not built into the itinerary allowing you full flexibility with meals. 


There are a range of activities built into the itinerary, from free to paid. As mentioned previously, there is no commitment to attend all activities. Any activities with a fee are payable by the individual family. We will need confirmation of attendance to some activities as we approach the meet up but most will be fully flexible.

Who are the hosts?

Hi, We are a full time travel family, slow travelling our way around the world in search of new experiences and learning opportunities with the kids. We travel on a budget, seeking affordable adventures and hope to inspire other families to create their own adventurous life and embrace the opportunities for travel, big or small.

Before we took to the road in 2022 we were teaching in Borneo for 5 years, and also lived in Cyprus and South Korea before that. We haven’t actually lived in the U.K for about 15 years, instead we have always prioritised travel and seeking new experiences. Before trying our hand at a digital nomad life we taught in international schools, myself as a secondary English teacher and Jak taught Primary years. Our kids are 10 and 7 at the time of writing this and growing up fast.

About us

You can get a good idea of our travels so far from our Instagram account and reach out on there with any questions you may have. We are a friendly bunch and are always keen to chat to like minded travel families so drop us a message to say hi.

Family Travel Community

Our Mission

We believe in the power of exploration, adventure, and connection. 

Building Community: We aim to bring families together from a variety of backgrounds and travel experiences and cultures to meet, learn, share and play. 

Exploring Our Planet: Our WanderHubs are carefully curated in engaging locations, providing opportunities to immerse in local experiences, connect with nature, be active, creative and have fun.

Creating Shared Experiences: We value the importance of community, meeting new people, and developing friendships for children and parents alike. Travelling as a family can be a transformative experience, and friendships formed during these journeys can last a lifetime. We encourage families to create connections with others who share their values. 

Embracing Spontaneity: While we provide planned activities and experiences, we also celebrate the unexpected. Our WanderHubs leave plenty of room for spontaneous adventures that make every trip unique.

Can I see the itinerary before I book?

Unfortunately not, we spend a lot of time researching and creating WanderHubs. You can get an idea of the activities we will run in the product description but rest assured there will be plenty to do for everyone and with the flexibility to choose the best things for your family.

When can I see the itinerary?

The itineraries are finalised 2 weeks prior to the WanderHub start date and emailed to each paid participant. These itineraries have taken time to develop and curate and we request you do not share them with others. 

How do the WanderHubs work?

We have created a fun-filled itinerary for families to come and join us in a range of destinations. The purpose is to create a space for travelling or international based families to meet. Whilst the itinerary is there, and we do encourage participation, you are under no obligation to join in with all the activities on offer.

Can you do activities outside of the itinerary?

Absolutely, the main purpose is to get families together and when this happens, activities can happen very organically, or if there are suggestions of alternative activities, we have the flexibility to adapt some of the details. Meeting for dinner or playdates is encouraged!

Who can attend?

This is a family only event! The WanderHubs are designed to build and strengthen the community, we value inclusion and respect of all individuals. We welcome every family and acknowledge your diverse backgrounds, lifestyles, and viewpoints. 

We request all attendees to equally extend this respect and inclusion to all who gather with us. 

Equally, please consider the needs of your family. Any and all decisions made about the suitability of a destination and activities are your responsibility.

What age children can join?

The Wanderhub primarily aimed at children aged 6-14. If you have older or younger children, please contact us before booking to confirm the activities will be suitable.

How many families join the WanderHub?

We believe that the WanderHub works best with 5-10 families, however there can be some flexibility. 

What age kids have already signed up?

We keep track of all our families that have signed up and will share the details in the WanderHub facebook group . Please join the Facebook group for up to date information.

Is there flexibility with dates?

Unfortunately not, you are welcome to join for all or part of the itinerary and activities but the fee remains the same.

What are the fees to attend a WanderHub?

Rates vary depending on the length of the hub but are generally between £100 and £150.

Watch out for our early bird offers for a discounted rate and special promotions.

Are the fees refundable?

We would like you to reach out if you have any questions before committing to the meet up. We understand that circumstances can change and if you can no longer attend an event we can offer partial refund.

Cancelling within one month of the start date- 20% refund. 

Cancelling over one month before the start- 50% refund.

What about entry to the country?

Families are responsible for ensuring they meet all the requirements for entry into the meet up country. We take no responsibility for this. 


This is NOT a babysitting/childcare service, parents are expected to be present and accompany children in activities.

This is NOT an academic set up. Whilst learning will take place, this will be through experiential learning rather than direct instruction.

What IS NOT included?

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Activities

What is Included?

  • The activity packed itinerary
  • Stress free planning because it has all been done for.
  • An on the ground host.
  • Private communication channels.
  • The opportunity to meet new families.

Hope that answers all of your questions, if you have any further enquiries please contact us at, through our Wanderhub Facebook group or our Wanderhub Instagram account.

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Meet the author

Lisa is the founder of Boston Tribe Travels. She has lived and travelled abroad for the last 15 years, visited more than 30 countries and has done most of that with her husband and two children. As a full time travel family, they like to travel slow, worldschool and seek new adventures. From living in Borneo for 5 years to backpacking South America, Lisa shares a wealth of travel experience to empower more families to travel and learn together.

Welcome to our WanderHub


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