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Travelling the world is the dream, right?

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Using our experience, expertise and tried and tested methods we want to support your family travel adventures with the best resources, guidance and support.

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After many years of living the ‘9 to 5’, we stepped away from our teaching careers, to travel full time as a family.

Full time travel sounds great, but taking the kids…Why would you do that?

Lots of reasons really, you can read more about us here, and I promise it’s not because we are crazy.

Do we have all the answers? NO.

Are we giving it our best shot? Yes!

Can we help you on your journey? Oh yeah! We have been living internationally for over 18 years, have recent, and relevant travel and world schooling experience, PLUS over 15 years experience as fully qualified educators.

Follow us through the highs and lows as we see more of the world with our kids, making lifelong memories (good and bad!) and trying not to bankrupt ourselves along the way!


We know that family travel can be both thrilling and daunting, we know what the dream looks like, but is that the reality?

We want to show you how you can travel with your kids, learn and educate whilst travelling and actually enjoy it. We are here to help you plan your next family adventure, help you to overcome any barriers and embrace the opportunities.

We would consider ourselves budget travelers, and worldschoolers. We travel relatively slowly, usually at least a month in a destination to embrace to experience a place on lots of levels, and allows us to have some daily routines. From August 2024, we are spending a full year in Bali!

Whether you’re a experienced traveler or just starting to explore the world with your family, we have something for everyone. From tips and tricks for travel with kids, destinations, planning, worldschooling, family travel stories, worldschool resources and more.

All the fun and games from our travels. Find tips, destinations, insights and stories from our epic journey.

Let’s just say, we’ve learned a thing or two about the art of surviving (and thriving!) whilst planning family adventures.

Travel Plans

In 2022, we set off for a year of travels…fast forward and we are still going. Here are some of the adventures and highlights of our travels

We started our trip with my bucket list item, a campervan trip through the Dolomites in Italy. An amazing trip which surely couldn’t be topped but it turns out we were just getting started.

From hot air balloons over the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, learning to scuba dive with my 10 year old, and sleeping under the stars in the Sahara desert, there are lots of stand out moments. Our two years of travel took us to;

  • Singapore
  • Portugal
  • Indonesia
  • Bulgaria
  • Morocco
  • Bosnia
  • Hungary

2024 brings a new adventure, we are living in Ubud, Bali with the girls attending the Wood School. We are very excited about this new opportunity.


At The Worldschool Coach; Our mission is to empower families like yours to confidently embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and learning that unfolds across the globe.

Join an experienced educator and worldschool parent to unlock your confidence, gain clarity, and unpack resources and strategies to tailor your bespoke educational plan.

Find out how this comprehensive course could help YOU.


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Join us for a personalised 60 minute 1:1 Travel Coaching call, where we’ll dive deep into any travel-related struggles or World schooling wonderings that may be weighing on your mind.

Our Consultation Calls are all about creating a safe space for open discussions. We specialise in family travel, family gap year adventures, worldschooling and long-term travel.

So, whether you’re itching for an epic journey or seeking guidance on education, we can help. 

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