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Family Travel Resources for Your Next Adventure

Welcome to our Family Travel Resources Hub – a go-to destination for information and tools designed to enhance your family travel and worldschooling experiences.

As a family that travels A LOT we totally understand how much work goes into planning your family adventures.

That’s why we’ve curated this list of recommended resources.

We could all do with a bit of help, so here is a selection of resources and FREEBIES for you to use for your family travel adventures. Enjoy!

Let’s get straight to the money savers! We have scooped up a few discounts and deals to share with you here from our affiliates and collaborations.

TT Rockstars

Worldschooling resources

Times Tables Rock Stars is an award-winning maths learning platform where children can practise their times tables like a rock star!

10% off for the first 10 signups with this code – TheBostonFamily

Night Zoo Keeper

A fun reading & writing program that has helped over 1 million children aged 6-12 develop their reading, writing, and creative thinking skills.

USA – Get a 7-day FREE trial & 50% OFF an annual subscription to Night Zookeeper.

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Deliberate Detour – Worldschool Hubs

Have you seen Deliberate Detour Worldschooling Hubs? They’re running programs in Latin America and offering two or four-week experiential education for traveling children ages 7-16.

Get $200 off with this code: Boston200

TCK Club: A community for kids on the move

Family travel and worldschool resources

Growing up between cultures is exciting and enriching. But, as parents of third culture kids (TCKs), we know that this unique lifestyle also comes with its challenges. Frequent moves, saying goodbye to friends, and homes that often feel temporary can take a toll on our children’s sense of stability. 

That is why we decided to give the TCK Club a go. It is, an online community hosted by Kaleidoscope designed to provide consistency in your kids’ mobile lives, helping ongoing friendships and a chance to debrief with other kids and experienced leaders. 

Ready to give your kids the support and community they may need? Sign up for TCK Club today and use code bostontribe20 for 20% off a TCK Club membership or individual clubs! Your third culture kids will thank you for it.

Here you will find some familiar favourites and a few tools you may not have heard of. They all come with the Boston family seal of approval and are family travel resources that we use regularly to book, plan and organise our travels.

This is an obvious one to start with and still our favourite, agenda does have great deals too but we find the reviews, rating scale and platform much easier to use.


Another main stay on the travel resources list, most of our flights over the last few years have been booked on Skyscanner as 9 times out of ten it comes up with the best deal for us. You can read our blog post on unlocking a bargain on the budget flight finder- Skyscanner

Trip it can bring all your travel bookings in to one place and here is why we love it. Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organise your travel plans no matter where you book. Simply forward your confirmation emails to and, in a matter of seconds, TripIt will create a comprehensive itinerary for every trip. Boom. Try it out for yourself.

Get your guide

We often book guides, tours and activities direct with the company to save money and use local contacts to arrange but sometimes a one stop shop for your guides, tours and activities can be really useful.

GetYourGuide is a marketplace for tours, activities, and excursions. It has a bit of everything from questions dodging museum tickets and free walking tours to guided hikes and surf lessons— and probably a bit of everything in-between.

Like all of these sites, make sure you check through reviews, fire away with any questions and make sure it is right for you and your family before you book.



This awesome app helps you track your spending and stay on budget in your travel destinations. You can add new entries quick and easily, it works offline and converts foreign currency automatically. We love the way we get to track our spending visually, gain insights from our spending and ultimately cut costs and save money. More money, more travel, right?

This is or go to starting point when searching family travel flights. – You can read our ultimate guide to using Kiwi to find cheap flights for the family here. Then click the banner below to start searching .



We are a big fan of the virtual SIM card or eSim and you can read all about that here in our blog post. Airalao, DrimSim and Nomad are all well worth checking out to see their data bundles for your next destination.

Worldschooling Resources

This selection of travel resources is for your little explorers; to educate, entertain or just keep them busy for a bit on a long journey. You will find a range of resources, mostly aimed at 6-11 age but constantly evolving with our kids and their ‘bad habit’ of getting bigger and older each year. 🙄

Before we get in to a comprehensive list of subject specific resources we want to share some of our favourite learning apps with you!

The kids have helped us out with this one to share their thoughts on what they enjoy using too.

Prodigy: 🧙‍♂️

We love Prodigy because it’s like a magical math adventure! You get to battle cool creatures while practicing math. It makes learning math fun, and we get to level up our wizard skills! 

You can get a FREE ACCOUNT Here and try it our for yourself.

Night Zoo Keeper: 🌙🦁

This one’s awesome because we get to create our own animals and write stories about them. It’s like having our very own night zoo! Plus, the Night Zookeeper helps us become better writers. 📝🌟

USA – Get a 7-day FREE trial & 50% OFF an annual subscription to Night Zookeeper.

UK – Get a 7-day FREE trial & 50% OFF an annual subscription to Night Zookeeper.

CA – Get 50% OFF an annual subscription to Night Zookeeper

TT Rockstars: 🎸

Rocking out with math? Yep, that’s what TT Rockstars is all about! It’s like a concert where we play air guitar and solve math problems. We love competing and getting faster at math. 🎵🤘

10% off for the first 10 signups with this code – TheBostonFamily

Sign up Here


A podcast app for kids – all their favorites in one place. Audio books and podcasts are a lifesaver for family travel. We love the range of podcasts and with over 550 well selected podcasts you get peace of mind that the kids can listen to all their favourites while not being able to find anything inappropriate.

Its educational too, a win win, tap into children’s imaginations, improve their reading skills and nurture their love for storytelling while you travel.

Sign up for FREE here

travel and learn with podcasts for kids

YouTube: 📺

Last but not least, YouTube is our go-to place for learning about everything! From cool science experiments to fun history lessons, there’s something for everyone. We even find cool travel vlogs to inspire our next adventure! 🌄🎥

Here are a few of. our favourites ;

The resources needed for worldschooling will vary depending on your family’s preferences, educational approach, and travel style. However, some essential resources to consider include educational materials such as textbooks, workbooks, and online learning platforms tailored to your children’s ages and learning levels. Additionally, access to reliable internet connectivity and electronic devices like laptops, kindle or tablets can facilitate remote learning and research while on the road. 

However, the real gems are the experiential resources such as museum passes, cultural guides, and outdoor exploration gear to enrich your children’s hands-on learning experiences.

We have a page dedicated to all things worldschooling – click here for our  Worldschooling Page.

Our Top kid-friendly art resources, perfect for budding young artists:

Worldschooling and art are a perfect combo as you can usually track down awesome exhibitions, local artwork, workshops and galleries. But when you need some online inspiration to get arty then here you go. 

1️⃣ Mister Maker: An offshoot from the TV show, Mister Maker is your ticket to a world of imaginative and exciting art projects for age 5-8. Lots of songs, silly dances and bright colours! 🌟🎨

2️⃣ The Artful Parent: For those aged 5-10, The Artful Parent has loads of creative art activities and ideas for the whole family with searches for specific techniques and resources.🖌️🌈

3️⃣ Hello Origami: Geared towards young artists aged 8-10, Hello Origami introduces the art of paper folding and origami. Indi’s favourite! A little frustrating for smaller hands ✂️📄

4️⃣ Red Ted Art: Perfect for children aged 8-10, Red Ted Art offers 2500+ of easy, doable craft projects and engaging DIY activities. 🧵✂️

5️⃣ Art for kids hub: Easy to follow drawing tutorials allowing your young artists’ creativity and self-expression to shine through their art! Something for every age and ability here ✏️🎉

Worldschooling resources for art
Worldschooling resources for art

 Discover the Top 5 Wellbeing Resources for Worldschooling Families 🌍

The whole the idea behind worldschooling is to provide a more holistic, real-world education that exposes them to a variety of different perspectives, experiences and ways of life.

When your not our there immersed in new cultures her are our top resources to explore wellbeing and growth mindset. 

Big Life Journal 📖 – A growth mindset journal for kids ages 4-18, helping them embrace positivity, resilience, and learning from life’s adventures. Lots of resources for parents too. A nice activity to work on together.

BBC Wellbeing 🧠 – A treasure trove of mental health and wellbeing resources for kids, teens, and parents. Dive into articles, videos, quizzes, and activities covering stress, anxiety, body image, and more.

Red Cross ❤️ – Find essential resources for coping with stress, anxiety, grief, and boosting resilience. Don’t miss their online courses and workshops!

Be Happy Resources 😄 – Explore happiness and wellbeing with articles, videos, and fun activities for kids aged 5-18. Uncover the science of happiness.

Headspace for Kids 🧘‍♂️ – A mindfulness app teaching meditation and relaxation for kids aged 5-12. Discover guided meditations and soothing sleep stories. Peace and calm await! 

Family travel resources for worldschooling
Family travel resources for worldschooling

 Check Out These Top 5 Science Resources for Inquisitive Young Minds 🌟 🦴 – Explore the amazing world of human anatomy and physiology. It’s packed with detailed articles, interactive diagrams, and quizzes. Best for kids aged 10 and up. 🚀 – Science made fun and easy! Discover a treasure trove of experiments, activities, and projects suitable for kids as young as 5. 🌍 – A one-stop-shop for science education. Find lesson plans, videos, and interactive activities that match state and national standards. Great for kids of all ages. 🛠️ – Ignite creativity! Encourage kids aged 7 and up to invent solutions to real-world problems through fun challenges, workshops, and a gallery of inventions. 🤓 – Get hands-on with science adventures! Dive into a collection of engaging activities and experiments for kids starting from age 5.

Worldschooling science resources
Worldschooling science resources

Here are our top 5 virtual tours to blow the kids minds

Take your kids on a virtual adventure with our top 5 FREE online tours:

You can’t be everywhere and see everything even on an epic worldschooling adventure. Or can you? 

1️⃣ Google Earth offers a kid-friendly tool for interactive exploration through 3D maps, satellite images, and geography. It sparks curiosity, teaching about geography, cultures, and the environment. 🌏🌟

2️⃣ NASA’s virtual tours are packed with interactive experiences, inspiring information, and encourages curiosity. These online tours are perfect for launching (sometimes I’m really funny!) kids’ interest in space and science. 🚀🌠

3️⃣ Google Arts & Culture is this fantastic online platform that allows kids to explore art, history, and culture from all over the world. Take a virtual museum tour, and experiment with interactive art selfies. 🖼️🎨

4️⃣ has a huge selection of virtual tours and live cams to see wild animals all around the world. From gorillas and elephants to cat rescues and farms, this a great resource! 🦍🐱 

5️⃣ The British Museum’s virtual tours bring history and culture to life. The real museum is massive so this is great way to navigate your way around to explore ancient artifacts and art from your own home. Plus, you can play detective with some “”borrowed”” treasures! 😉🕵️‍♂️🏛️


FREE Worldschooling Resources for family travel

Here is a selection of Creative Thinking resources for worldschooling or family travel. They are a selection of handy resources to enhance your adventures. If you like what you see, head on over to our Etsy Shop for more family travel and worldschooling printables.

  • Worldschool Choice Board – Greece
  • Worldschool Choice Board – Thailand
  • Creative Thinking Questions – Egypt
  • Creative Thinking Questions – Mexico

PLUS +++

  • How to support creative thinking on your Worldschooling adventures
  • Understanding Thinker’s Keys: Unlocking Creative Thinking
  • The Creative Thinking Keys – Pocket Size Prompts for Worldschoolers


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Travel Itineraries

Our Blog

Well lets start right here on our travel blog you will find All the fun and games from our travels. Find tips, destinations, insights and stories from our epic journey. Travel Itineraries

Have you visited our guides yet? Take a look, it is a great app with FREE and paid destination guides, maps, itineraries, guided tours and planning services.

We are in the process of uploading all of our family travel itineraries onto Thatch so can save yourself hours of research and just grab and go.

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FREE family travel itineraries

**If you have landed here from our store you can find the resource you are looking for from the list below.

Venice Treasure Hunt

Edinburgh Treasure Hunt

If you are you looking to give your travel photos an extra oomph? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got a couple of my all-time favourite Lightroom presets that will instantly elevate your photos, and the best part is, they’re absolutely FREE!

Lightroom Preset – Subtle Boost

Lightroom presetss for travel photos

Lightroom Preset – Detail Enhance

Free lightroom preset high detail

FREE Smartphone Photography Cheat Sheet

We have a detailed blog post here, where we dive into the world of mobile photography and explore some techniques to elevate your skills, regardless of the phone model you use. Jak loves his ‘proper camera’ but our smartphones are much more travel friendly and super capable of capturing your travel highlights.

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Beginners guide to Smartphone Videography

Settings, technique, transitions, cinematic tips and more…

Prior to teaching Jak studied tv production and film making at university and worked in the industry for several years. He has always loved his photography and videography and has created this course to help you level up your smartphone videos. Take a FREE module and try it out here.

Videography course
smartphone travel videography course
smartphone travel videography course