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A worldschool tutor and coach for families that travel.

Primary tutoring in maths, phonics and Creative Thinking for homeschooling, worldschooling and families that travel.

🌎 Meet your traveling tutor for education on the move

Are you looking for a private tutor for your kids as you travel? Are you a worldschool family seeking tailored educational support and tutoring for your child?

Whether you are homeschooling, worldschooling, road schooling or just doing your own thing, I offer online lessons and personalised tutoring service designed to enrich your child’s learning experience and support your learning journey.

I offer a range of tutor services for families that travel and also provide coaching, curriculum design and educational travel resources.

Meet your travelling tutor

The Worldschool Coach, tutor and educational consultant

👋Meet Jak, Primary Years Tutor

🌟Primary/Elementary Age 6-11

I am a fully-qualified primary school tutor with over 13 years of teaching experience in diverse international settings, I’ve honed my skills as an educator from the UK, South Korea, Cyprus and Borneo. 

I specialise in primary years education and create fun engaging lessons in a supportive learning environment where you feel confident to participate and get the most out of every lesson.

As a parent/teacher worldschooling my own daughters since July 2022, I intimately understand the challenges and incredible rewards of this unique lifestyle. I am currently travelling the world with my family and love new adventures, being outdoors and a good cup of coffee.

Now, as your WorldSchool Tutor, I bring a wealth of expertise to provide personalised tutoring services. Focused on primary school subjects, I’m dedicated to enriching your child’s educational journey with engaging lessons tailored to the worldschooling lifestyle.

Now, enough about me for now. How can I help you?

Tutoring Offerings:

  • Maths – Systematic lessons to build on your next steps. The maths lessons are closely matched to the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 English National Curriculum. Online maths lessons offer them the opportunity to talk through questions and build key numeracy skill. Whatever level pupils are working at, they will progress faster if they have the confidence to keep trying. I create a fun and safe place for pupils to challenge themselves — making a mistake is part of the process and leads to greater understanding. 

Lessons are 40 mins.

2-3 Lessons per week is recommended.

£25 per lesson. Bulk discounts available.

  • Phonics – Do you have a struggling reader? In this lesson, I will work closely with your learner to work on the foundations of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension to progress your child in their reading journey. Building on prior learning we will systematically work through the phonics sounds and have some fun along the way.

Lessons are 40 mins.

2-3 Lessons per week is recommended.

£25 per lesson. Bulk discounts available.

  • Creative thinking – You may think your child’s imagination activities are an important “break” from learning in a more structured activity and, in some ways, they are – but the truth is, these creative activities are much more crucial to your child’s development than you may realise. Creative activities have so many developmental benefits, including: self-expression, problem-solving, curiosity and experimentation and Insight. Join us as we use the thinkers keys to unlock creative thinking and problem solving.

Lessons are 40 mins. £25 per lesson. Bulk discounts available.

As a primary years tutor, every session is structured to maximise engagement and comprehension. The lesson plan includes pre-teaching/learning activities, introduction of key vocabulary, interactive games, activities, and the core element of the lesson. This comprehensive structure ensures a well-rounded and effective learning experience for your child.

  • Bespoke educational planning for travelling families: Please contact me to discuss any other lesson ideas you may have or if you would like me to create short or longterm planning for your travel itinerary.

  • Worldschool Consultation: Book a call to talk through worldschooling and education for your next adventure.

Worldschooling Expertise:

  • As seasoned worldschoolers and experienced educators, We understand the unique needs of global learners. Every tutoring session is crafted with a solid understanding of the rewards and challenges of the worldschooling lifestyle

📆 Flexible Scheduling:

  • We recognize that worldschooling schedules can be dynamic. Enjoy the flexibility to book sessions that align with your family’s travel adventures and time zones.

🌐 Cultural Integration:

  • Infuse global perspectives into your child’s learning experience, connecting lessons to the diverse world around them.

🌟 Holistic Learning:

  • Beyond academics, our sessions aim to foster critical thinking, creativity, and a love for lifelong learning.

Worldschool Coaching: A comprehensive 6 session course empowering parents to confidently embrace worldscholing.

How It Works

  • To get your tutoring started just send me an email to express your interest.
  • I will then share some more information and we can discuss your learning goals, frequency of lessons, preferred times and the discounts available for bulk bookings.
  • When you are ready to book your lessons I will share my availability calendar and you can select the times that suit you.
  • Payment must be received before lessons start.

Invest in your child’s education with WorldSchool Tutoring – Where Learning Knows No Boundaries.

Please see full terms and conditions here.

the worldschool coach for family travel

Worldschool Coaching: A comprehensive 6 session course empowering parents to confidently embrace worldscholing.

Need expert guidance to get over your Worldschooling hurdles?

The Worldschool Coach; Our mission is to empower families like yours to confidently embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and learning that unfolds across the globe. 

Join an experienced teacher and worldschool parent to unlock your confidence, gain clarity, unpack resources and strategies to tailor your bespoke educational plan.


Jak’s lesson were fun and engaging, my daughter loved the creative thinking class!

Maya, S.Africa

The Worldschool Coach

Meet the author

Jak is co founder of Boston Tribe Travels. He has lived and travelled abroad for over 15 years with his family. He has taught in International schools around the world as a primary teacher and leader. He now travels full time with his family, worldschooling and coaching other families to follow their worldschool dream.


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