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The Best Travel Accessories – Recommendations by our Kids!

Planning your next family adventure? Our kids have very kindly come up with a list of must-have travel accessories that they highly recommend and we have done the rest. These items will not only keep your little ones entertained but also make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. So, without further ado, here are our top 10 travel accessories:

headphones and mp3 for travel kids

MP3 Player and Headphones

Loaded up with audiobooks, music, and podcasts, an MP3 player is a lifesaver on travel days, lazy mornings, or when your kids need a little break from each other. It’s the perfect companion to keep them entertained and engaged during long journeys.

Kids Kindle

 Reading for pleasure. “Can I just finish this chapter, pleassssee?“ Who can argue with that. Chock full of graphic novels and books that they enjoy reading means we don’t have to nag them to ‘do’ their reading for the day. Reading for pleasure is a wonderful way to pass the time while traveling. With a Kids Kindle, your kids can immerse themselves in captivating stories and exciting adventures. Packed with graphic novels and books they enjoy, it’s a great tool to encourage reading without the need for bulky physical books.

Kids' Travel Companion: E-Books and Free Book Source

The essential travel companion and FREE BOOK sources

A Piece of Rope

No joke, this is still their favourite item. They create all sorts of games with it and although it is a bit embarrassing sometimes when they use it as a lead in the ‘pet dog’ games. Believe it or not, a simple piece of rope can be a versatile and entertaining travel accessory for kids. They can use it to create all sorts of imaginative games. It’s lightweight, compact, and sparks their creativity wherever they go, so gets a thumbs up from us

Bum Bag

(Or a Fanny Pack for our American friends) Kids love having their own special place to keep their treasures while exploring. A bum bag, or fanny pack, provides the perfect solution. They can store their shells, yo-yo, small trinkets, and a card game inside, giving them a sense of independence and responsibility. These are great for days out and travel days when they want to have a few things wither and you already have your day packs full.

Art Pack

Kids crafting in Thailand

An art pack is a valuable addition to any backpack. Packed with creative supplies, it ensures that your children can unleash their artistic side while on the go. From friendship bracelet threads and origami paper to watercolor pencils, pens, tape, and scissors, the possibilities for artistic expression are endless. We started with bits and pieces from a stationary store and constantly pieces as we go. Our oldest is a budding artist and she carries her own travel sketching kit, notepad and watercolours too.


A classic toy that never goes out of style, our yo-yo provides endless entertainment for the kids. This throwback to our childhood has been an awesome addition to their packs. Great for waiting in lines at the airport and city walks. A good social one too as they pick up tips from other kids they meet along the way. We have had a few on our travels but this one MAGICYOYO is a great place to start.

A Sarong

Get ready for some small world adventure with a sarong that doubles as a den-building tool. Whether it’s creating a cozy den on the train between two seats, a separating divide from your grumpy sister or building a secret hideaway in the airbnb, a sarong can transform any space into a magical play area for your kids. Also very useful as, well, just a sarong.

Travel Journal

Travel journal/ free writing/doodle book. They can jot down their favorite memories, draw pictures of the places they visit, and even collect small mementos like ticket stubs or postcards. It’s a wonderful keepsake that captures their unique perspective on the journey. Ours are getting very full and a bit heavy now and I think they will have to be sent back to granny to keep hold of and a new book for our upcoming travels.

Pack of Cards

No family travel adventure is complete without a trusty pack of cards. Whether it’s a classic game of Poop Head, a strategic round of Uno, chase the ace, knock out whist, Kent Court or one of the many other games we have learned from fellow travellers along the way. A pack of cards is the perfect thing to have in the bag when on the road. It’s a family favourite that can be enjoyed by everyone, Plus, it encourages friendly competition, fosters bonding moments, and provides hours of entertainment during long flights, train rides, or cozy evenings in your accommodation.

Playmobil Toys

Unleash your child’s imagination with Playmobil toys. These iconic and versatile toys offer endless storytelling possibilities and role-playing adventures. Our kids have collected some cool figures from different countries including greek mythology, Egypt, Sarai rangers, animals, explorers and more. Compact and lightweight, these toys can easily be packed in their backpack to get out when they choose.

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travel packing essentials with kids

This is a great list to get started on but all kids will have their favourites and I’m sure they may want to squeeze in a cuddly toy too. The kids carry all their ‘play things’ in their own back pack and are getting much better at what to select for their travels.

What are your go-to travel accessories for keeping your kids entertained and engaged during family trips? Or do you have a question for our kids?

Share yours in the comments below.