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GoBus in Egypt: Everything You Need to Know

We have talked a lot about how Egypt is so much more than the pyramids and pharaohs, but to get out and explore what the country has to offer, you need transport. There is the usual, planes, trains and drivers but today I wanted to take the time to introduce a little gem- GoBus.

For budget friendly travel, Go bus is a great option for moving around the country. With comfortable, modern buses winding through the cities, connecting cultural hubs like Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and more.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the Go Bus services, exploring its network, amenities, and the experience it offers to travelers especially those travelling with kids.

Choosing the Right Bus for Your Family Adventure

Alright, folks! You and your family have arrived and survived in Cairo ( need a family friendly 4 day itinerary – click here) and are now ready to spread your wings and head south to Luxor and into upper Egypt (my brain takes a while to figure that one out) or to the ancient city of Alexandria. But how do we get there?

Go Bus offers three types of services – Silver, Gold, and VIP. Silver is your budget-friendly pick. It’s the no frills but gets the job done. Gold, on the other hand, is a notch up with reclining seats and a bit more legroom. The VIP, ladies and gentlemen, is the real show-stopper with fully reclining seats, personal entertainment system… you get the idea! 

Now, how do we pick the right one?

Depends on your journey.

As a family of four we took the night bus from Cairo to Luxor on the VIP and the Gold from Cairo to Alexandria.

Consider what your needs would be.

Why you should use Go bus: The Pros of Go Bus

Convenience and Comfort on GoBus

Now, honestly, we weren’t expecting much. Yes, there are pictures on the website, and fancy sounding VIP options but is that really what they look like now.

We were very pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness, comfort levels offered by Go Bus on our family trips from Cairo to Luxor and Cairo to Alexandria. Boarding processes were smooth, the bus departed on time, and designated seats that were actually quite more comfortable.

There are also several buses a day to choose from.

Budget-Friendly Options

Go Bus is an undeniable champion when it comes to being budget-friendly. There are no additional extras. It’s much cheaper than flights or a driver, easier to arrange than a train and great value.

Go Bus Budget travel in Egypt with kids

How much does it cost?

Cairo to Luxor- One way

  • Children aged 2 and under travel for free.
  • Children aged 3 to 10 years old are eligible for a child fare.
  • The buses depart from Cairo’s Tahrir Square and arrive in Luxor’s Karnak Station.
  • The journey takes approximately 10 hours.

Cairo to Alexandria- One way

Compare these prices to those of other travel options and you’ll see why we’re dropping all these jazz hands for Go Bus. The prices of train tickets, for instance, can be double or even triple for the same journey. With the money saved you can feel really pleased with yourself and treat yourself to a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.

We took the bus to Alexandria to catch our cheap flight to Sri Lanka, the journey was on time, comfortable and much cheaper than the alternatives.

So, what’s the catch you ask? Well, there kind of is and kind of isn’t. Short journeys, absolutely perfect but our night bus experience may not be for everyone.

What to Expect on a Go Bus Night Journey

Anyone who has taken an overnight bus journey outside of Europe will likely understand there are a few elements you will just not know about on a journey like this.

First, stops. Yes, you might be told about the designated stop but you won’t be told about the stop when the driver fancies a smoke or when he spots his mate who needs a lift.

Talking about stops, with every stop, the lights were switched on, which meant if you or the kids had fallen asleep and had the audacity to not cover your eyes, you will be woken up.

The other thing to consider on the night journey is the entertainment. Whilst you might think it’s a good time to sleep, the driver may not, and may enjoy sharing his favourite music with the whole bus.

All these elements are minor and if you come prepared, shouldn’t impact on your trip too much.

The journey itself was smooth, relatively uneventful and got us from A-to B for a really good price.

Preparing for the Overnight Journey: Tips and Tricks

Ever heard the phrase, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”? Obviously, the guy who coined it never experienced the Egyptian night bus! 

  • First off, we advise you to pack a light bag for the night trip and keep your big luggage in the bus storage. Your essentials, like passports, water bottles, munchies, and a change of clothes (in case of unexpected spills), should make the cut.
  • Snacks: Depending on your bus choice you might get a small snack box. But we all know that snacks are the ultimate weapon when travelling with kids. Remember, hungry kids are grumpy kids and grumpy kids can equal a long, uncomfortable journey.
  • Comfort Items: If you’re travelling with children or Mr. Snuggle Bear (yes, you, we see you!), don’t forget the comfort items. It’s a simple but effective way of keeping things calm and cozy.
  • Entertainment: Don’t bank on the in-house entertainment working – we had no WIFI on our bus to Luxor so download a few options. Our personal TVs had some appropriate options for the kids but you never know so come prepared.

Getting a good night’s sleep on the Go Bus isn’t likely, getting some sleep though, I can help with that. Take an eye mask and ear plus or headphones. A travel pillow might just level up your chance to sleep.

There is a toilet on board, which wasn’t the worst bus on transport I’ve seen but use the toilets when you get chance. They might be better than the bus, or they might not.

Traveling with Kids: Keeping Them Entertained and Comfortable

Load up the iPad, download the audiobooks, pen and paper, and snacks, always snacks. Always over prepare for journeys like this. Have as many tools in your travel gear as you can to make the journey as easy as possible.

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download these egypt facts for the journey

Go Bus in Egypt vs. Other Modes of Transportation: Making the Right Choice

When we were considering our options to get to Luxor, flight prices were ridiculous, the train is efficient but a day journey is pretty boring, passing through desert the other option, paying a fortune for an overpriced sleeper train. We had heard quite good things about the bus so we figured, why not give the Go Bus a shot? We took two journeys: one from bustling Cairo to historic Luxor and another one from Cairo to Alexandria.

Trains were there, flights were obviously on the table, even cruising the Nile was an option!

Let’s talk money first! We all love a bargain, don’t we? Comparing it to other modes of transport, Go Bus proved to be an absolute bargain. Flights may be quicker, but the prices were shocking. Trains weren’t too bad, but add in the ‘luxury’ of a sleeping train, and there goes your holiday budget! Let’s not even get started on Nile cruises. We might as well have sold a limb! 

Cutting to the chase, Go Bus offered comfort, and affordability.

How to book tickets for a Go Bus

There are a few ways to book tickets for the GoBus:

1. Online: You can book your tickets online at the GoBus website [https://go-bus.com/]. Simply select your route, departure date and time, and class of service. You will then be able to choose your seat and pay for your ticket using a credit card or PayPal.

2. Mobile app: Go Bus also has a mobile app that you can use to book your tickets. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Opens in a new windowwww.gobustransit.com

3. Call center: You can also book your tickets by calling the GoBus call center. The call center number is 19074.

4. Bus station: You can also book your tickets at a GoBus station. However, this is usually the most expensive option, as you will be charged a booking fee.

Additional tips for booking Go Bus tickets:

  • Book your tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling during peak season.
  • Be sure to specify the correct departure and arrival stations, as GoBus operates multiple stations in some cities.
  • You can bring your printed ticket or show it on your mobile phone when boarding the bus.
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Verdict- Go get the Go Bus

Go Bus, is a great option for budget travellers with time on their side. Did it test our patience? Sometimes. Did it reward us? Absolutely! 

Don’t forget, they say that the journey is the adventure…or something equivalent to that, but you get the idea.

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