Surfing in Morocco with kids
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Surfing in Morocco with kids- where to find the best waves

Morocco probably isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to surfing but there are loads of places to get your feet wet and try surfing the waves of the Atlantic coastline. With 1835 kilometers of coast, there are surf waves for everyone here, and even better, lots of perfect waves for kids. Here is our guide to surfing in Morocco with kids.

  • Cheap surf board rental
  • Loads of surf schools
  • Great beaches along 1835 kilometers of coast
  • Morocco is a fantastic place to learn to surf or try out new waves

From Essaouira to Taghazout to Mirleft, you will find surf spots throughout the length on Morocco. Our favourite was surfing in Mirleft, with the empty beaches and kid friendly waves.

Getting to the surf spots

The coastline of Morocco is fantastic for surfing and most beaches are easily accessed either by public transport or with your own vehicle but if you have your own car, it will be so much easier to go surf anywhere on the Moroccan coast. Read about driving in Morocco here…it’s definitely an experience.

There is the option of public transport. You can take the Supra bus from the major cities, taxis are affordable and there is also the souktosurf option which provides shuttles between cities such as Marrakech and Agadir to the beaches.

With surf beaches such as EssaouiraRabat or Agadir being near airports, they are easy to reach destinations too and there are some fantastic deals on flights if travelling from Europe to Morocco.

We flew from Malaga to Rabat for £79 total ( 4people and bags) with Ryanair.

surfing in Morocco with kids
Surfing in Mirleft with kids is a great way to spend the day.

Where to go surfing in Morocco with kids

Surfing in Essaouira

Essaouira surprised us and turned out to be one of our favourite places in Morocco. After an arrival to a dodgy Airbnb, we shifted to a beach side apartment and found our happy place.

They call Essaouira the windy city and this wind is almost always present, from cool breeze to gale force winds! It’s this though which makes it a great destination for surfers and kite surfers.

You’ll see plenty of surf shops and surfing schools, as well as windsurfing schools in Essaouira. Our kids were too young to kitesurf and not brave enough to surf in Essaouiraas the weather wasn’t great. We visited in March and the water was still pretty nippy, even with a wetsuit.

However, don’t go writing off that Essaouira surf trip just yet.

There is a huge stretch of beach and the waves are very playable. There is so much going for this city especially for a visit with kids, from a bustling medina to an old fortress and a million cats. But if you are planning to come for the kids to learn to surf, there are better options further down the coast.

Surfing in near by Sidi Kaouki

Nestled just 30 kilometers south of Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki is a great day trip from Essaouira, offering some of the best surf for beginners. The beach stretches along a long, wide expanse, providing plenty of individual peaks. All this is set against a backdrop of dunes and the mystical Sufi tomb, and a small road with a handful of places to eat.

Sidi Kaouki’s surf scene has been steadily gaining popularity, thanks to its ideal conditions for novice surfers and kids. The long, sandy beachfront may not be the prettiest, but it’s perfect for catching Atlantic swells, making it an excellent spot for beginners to hone their skills.

surfing in Morocco with kids in Sidi Kabuki

Surfing in Imsouane

Between Essaouira and Taghazout is the little town of Imsouane. This beach felt a like a little secret. It had a very cool vibe, chilled beach and a nice but small selection of restaurants. There were lots of more ‘upmarket’ places dotted around, but we had a quick visit to this beach. To get her, you will need a taxi or a car to get here, or take the

This small coastal town is ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers, especially when the swell is small. The best time to surf in Morocco is between late September and April, but Imsouane offers good conditions year-round.

Imsouane boasts two main surf spots: Cathedral and The Bay. Cathedral is known for its fast, yet gentle waves, making it suitable for those looking to improve their skills. On the other hand, The Bay is perfect for beginners who want to ride longer waves and enjoy a more relaxed surfing experience. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned surfer, Imsouane has something for everyone.

**While we were in Imsouane they were doing a lot of rebuilding and construction, demolishing older buildings and working on newer apartments and buildings around the beach area.

Surfing in Imsouane with kids
There are lots of board rentals and lessons available in Imsouane.

Surfing in Taghazout

Taghazout is known as the surf capital of Morocco and it’s eays to see why with over 20 different surf spots within 15 minutes of Taghazout. It has mastered the chilled out surf town vibe too with a clifftop skate park with amazing views of the waves. Taghazout feels like a little hippie town with a range of cafes, stunning murals, and nice weather almost all year round.

Taghazout is a great destination because it offers all kinds of surfing conditions, from soft beginner waves to heavy reef breaks for more advanced surfers. Taghazout is also considered one of the best destinations in the world to learn surfing. To rent a board and wetsuit for the day was coming in at 120MAD.  

For kids and newbie surfers, Banana point, Panoramas, Devil’s rock, and crocodile beach are perfect. Our only issue is the beach in the village, Taghazout beach, despite it having nice waves for the kids and a fun surf to play in, the beach is pretty disgusting. It is filled with rubbish, glass and plastic.  

Taghazout is easy to reach from Agadir or Essaouira by public bus, taxi or self driving. 

Surfing in Taghazout with kids
Anchor point is a great spot to watch the surfers from the cliff top.

Surfing in Tamraght

10 minutes south of Taghazout is where you’ll find the small surfing towns of Tamraght and Aourir We actually stayed in Tamraght and moved between the beaches. First impressions weren’t great but we may have been converted by the time we left. You can read about our experience here.

Take the kids down to Banana beach for some beginner friendly waves. Pretty much guaranteed waves to play with although it can feel a little crowded at certain times. There are surf schools dotted along the beach too to rent your boards or book in for a lesson.

Camels on the beaching Morocco
Camels on the beach? check!. Good beginner waves? check!

Surfing in Mirleft with kids

Continuing down the coast you will arrive in Mirleft, in the south of Morocco. This small town has several beaches and benefits from constant swells with waves for all levels, and best of all, it’s pretty quiet in the water.

Mirleft has the same swells as the rest of the Moroccan coast but are protected by the Azores

We spent 3 weeks in Mirleft exploring its beautiful beaches. There are lots of options for surfing here.

Our favourite beaches in Mirleft.

The Best Beaches for surfing in Mirleft with kids:

  1. Imin Tourga Beach: Just 1km from town, this beach is clean and well-maintained, There are waves here to play on either surfing or bodyboarding, but beware there can be a strong current. There were no board rentals on the beach when we visited so best to hire from Mirleft.
  2. Aftas Beach: A rocky cove with a few beach homes, cafes and board rentals. The waves are fun to play in here and some more advanced surfers surf in front of the rocks. (Although when we were there there was talk of demolishing the beachfront properties)
  3. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah (Marabout Beach): Known for the ancient tomb located on the beachfront, this beach is popular yet and has a cafe right o the beach. We didn’t see a surfing here and There were no board rentals on the beach when we visited so best to hire from Mirleft.
  4. Plage Sauvage: This was our favourite during our month in Mirleft. Located on the outskirts of Mirleft, this beach is secluded and beautiful. Accessible via a trail down to the beach, it’s great for swimming and surfing. There is a board rental shop right on the beach unlike some of the others around. It also serves decent food and drink at the too. We surfed here several times and really enjoyed it,
  5. Legzira Beach: Famous for its natural rock arch formation, this beach offers stunning views and a unique landscape. While one of the arches has recently fallen, the remaining arch still impresses, making it a must-visit spot in Mirleft. You can surf here at the point break or in the bay but around the cave there are lots of no swimming signs. There were no board rentals on the beach when we visited so best to hire from Mirleft.

Shout out to Hey Ola surf shop in town, they provided great lessons and equipment for our surfing in Mirleft with kids.

Spot M was also a popular choice for surf gear and lessons. They have a place right on Plage Sauvage making it really easy to grab a wetsuit and board and catch some waves.

The girls enjoyed bodysurfing on all the beaches in Mirleft, between surf days or to build confidence, body boarding might be a great way to start.

What to eat in Morocco with kids

What to eat in morocco for the kids?

How much do surf lessons in Morocco cost?

There are lots of options to book online lessons before you arrive but we prefer to arrive somewhere, check conditions and speak to people to get a feel for them, usually, this does help to get a better price to.

On average, to rent a board and a wetsuit for a day cost around 120MAD. The wetsuits will be well worn and there are few schools with shower facilities for after.

For lesson for kids- Check out a few different surf schools as you want a decent fitting wetsuit and a kid friendly surf instructor. Most were about 200 MAD at the local surf stores. When we were surfing in Mirleft with kids we git a discount for two of them plus my gear.

Best time to surf in Morocco

The Morocco surf season starts in September and continues until April. September and October are great months to surf along the whole Moroccan coast. It’s usually quieter and there is less wind. From September to April, the swells from the North Atlantic with the offshore winds make Morocco perfect for surfing.

The best time to surf in Taghazout is from late Fall to early Spring. Between the months of September and April, the swell of the waves is fantastic and the wind is ideal.

During the rest of the year the conditions are not as good anymore since a strong North-West wind blows most of the time.

In Mirleft, during the months from May to August there are small and clean waves, great for beginners.

Surfing in Taghazout with kids

Best Surf Camps in Morocco for families

Family surf camps are a great way for families to experience or learn to surf together. They are typically located in beach towns that offer good waves for beginners.

They typically provide surf lesson packages for all ages and abilities, there are usually other services on offer too such as babysitting, yoga or skate lessons.

Many surf camps cater specifically to families, with kid-friendly lessons, comfortable accommodations, and exciting activities for everyone.

Surf Paradise Morocco

  • Surf lessons for all ages and abilities.
  • Accommodation in private rooms or family rooms.
  • Meals: Three delicious and nutritious meals each day.
  • Activities: Yoga, sandboarding, excursions, etc.
  • Price estimate: €995 per week for a family of two.

Surfline Morocco

  • Surf lessons for all ability levels
  • All meals are included
  • Excursions for those who don’t surf
  • Prices start at 314€ per person for a 5-day package.

Surfline Morocco seems like a great option for a family surf holiday in Morocco, especially for those who don’t surf but want to join a family member who does.

Errant Surf Morocco

  • Surf lessons, meals, and accommodation included
  • Prices start at €370 per person for a 5-day package
  • Additional activities like excursions to the local market

Errant Surf Morocco seems like a good budget friendly option for a family surf holiday in Morocco.

Kite surfing in Morocco

Surfing the waves with a kite sounds amazing, right? While Morocco has fantastic winds for kite surfers, it’s a bit too intense for young kids.

Kite surfing requires a lot of muscle (hence me not doing it!), focus, and knowing how to stay safe around wind and water. But there are lots of other activities to try your hand at.

Is it safe to surf in Morocco?

Our experience of Morocco as a whole is that it is a very safe country.

On average more than 10 million people visit Morocco each year, making it one of the most visited countries in Africa with a low incidence of crime.

As with all water activities, Surfing in Morocco is not more dangerous than surfing anywhere else in the world but there are general safety rules you’ll have to follow. Speak to the local surfers, board shops or lifeguards for specific beach details. The surfing in Mirleft with kids we found all the beaches to be safe and enjoyable, but no lifeguards on duty during the quieter months.

Use local knowledge and advice to check conditions and make sure the waves are suitable.

surfing in Mirleft with kids

Surfing in Morocco with kids

Our experience of surfing in Morocco has been great. The waves have been great fun for our kids. BUT the big difference has been that our kids have learnt to surf in the waters of Sri Lanka and the Philippines so they really struggled with the water temperatures in March and April. Instructors are incredible, fun and engaging for the kids too. The beaches in general are great too but rubbish is an issue an almost all the beaches, some worse than others (I’m talking to you Taghazout!).

It’s a great place to try surfing!

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